Review of 'Metal Detection Secrets'

The course metal detecting secrets is for those who can distinguish between metal detection as used by security personnel and metal detection as engaged in by hobbyists. You certainly know the difference.

The hobby of metal detection is a rich hobby in that there are so many things to learn and discover. But even to the persons who are already well into the hobby of metal detection the miss-information around the subject is really confusing.

This metal detection course by Cody Smith will show you how to find something valuable out of nowhere [well almost], and to determine the value of what you have discovered.

The author will tell you how to get good quality equipment at cheap rate. Mind it in this hobby itís often said you are as good as your equipment.

He also tells you which areas may require explicit permission for searching and how to get permission for the same.

Cleaning your find properly is a major part of metal detection. If you cannot clean a piece properly you never understand its value or in case if you cause damage to the piece while cleaning again you are out of luck.

In this course the author goes into elaborate detail on the subject of cleaning.

The best part is that you don't have to spend much time to learn the skills he teaches as there are lots of very comprehensive videos to learn from.

Even after saying everything about this course I must add one more thing, metal detection is not about how to use your equipment. It is more about research techniques so that your chances of getting something interesting increase. And here author excels over every other masters of this art who concentrate more on equipment oriented techniques.


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