Review of 'Begin Drumming'

Learning drum is different from learning guitar, piano or any other musical instrument. Drumming requires strength plus drumming notations are entirely different. But one thing is common, like guitar or piano you cannot learn to play drum  by reading books. You need to engage yourself in the real thing. That is you have to play drums.

You cannot be a drum expert on your own. You will require a guide to help you. The next best thing to a real expert drummer who is ready to help you day in and out whenever you require is a drumming course.

But the books available in market will be of little help if you are a newbie who is  just getting started. In truth what can actually help you assuming you can not afford a full time teacher is a complete audiovisual drumming course.

Jim McCarthy is a fabulous drummer and an experienced drum teacher as well. His audio-visual course 'Begin Drumming' is one of the very best available course available in market.

He designed his course with four hours of jam-packed video and around 200 audio files. Everything that a newbie drummer may ever require have been covered in great detail, nothing has been left for guessing.

You will benefit from this course only if you are really serious and ready to work with it. Because it will not make you an expert drummer overnight.

But if you seriously practice everything that Jim teaches in his course you will surely become a very good drummer quite fast.

Read more about this drumming course here if you dream about drumming


If you want to take drumming seriously then you should not go without this resource.