Vitamins and Minerals: how to have complete and balanced diet


Human body needs various micronutrients through diet to function properly. Deficiency in micronutrients can cause various ailments. Unfortunately there is no single food that can meet the requirements of all the vitamins and minerals. So we need to get them from various different food sources.


True we can try various vitamins that are available in markets but the problem with them you need to be very careful about the amount of vitamin or mineral you take because excess can cause toxicity. That sort of risk is not there if you get your micronutrients from natural foods.


Absorption of vitamins and minerals by human body depends on many factors like way of processing, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, stress and prescription medicine.


Careful processing of foods can preserve valuable nutrients available in the food.


Taking following precaution will help greatly:


--Do cut and process food shortly before consumption.


--Prevent your food from burning by using sufficient water while cooking.


--Do not over cook the vegetables. Making them crisp and tender for consumption should be your goal.




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