Vegetarian Diet: Good or Bad


The interest in vegan diet has increased in recent days because people are getting more aware of bad effects that non-vegan diet can have on their health including the risk of serious ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease etc.


Typically vegan diets are based on various grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans. Many people include milk and egg in their vegan diet but there are some who avoid animal protein totally.


If you are the one of those who does not include animal protein in your daily diet then you should fulfil your calcium and vitamin B12 needs from supplements. Because there is little chance that you will be getting your full quota of calcium and vitamin B12 from vegan diet.


In my view though you need to do little more work to get all the nutrients from vegan diet it is better to be on vegan diet because that way you will be able to reduce many health risks that are besieging our human society today.



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