Running gears you must have


If you are a fitness buff you know how beneficial and enjoying the running or walking sessions can be. Running or walking briskly for half an hour can not only keep one fit but it reduces many health risks like obesity, blood sugar etc. To make your running or walking session more enjoyable and to reduce the risk of getting injured during running you must use proper gears. Below are some information on what gears you should use and what you should know about the gears before you buy.


You obviously need a good pair of shoes but you should not buy any running shoe that you can get your hands on. Just a good brand is never sufficient, you need to get your pair as per your foot type. Inward roll of the ankle and arch height are two aspects that should dominate your choice of shoes. If you get shoes that are suitable for your foot type you will be able to enjoy your running sessions without fear of strain, sprain or any other type of injury.


You can use running suit with reflector strips attached. These types of suits are essential for your safety if you run on a road.


Use a heart beat rate monitor if want to keep watch on your heart rate while exercising. Though some find it cumbersome it is very useful if you are into serious running or want to keep heart rate within a certain range while training.


You should be keeping a small can of beverage handy with you because it will help you to replenish lost fluid and electrolyte. Other than these essentials you can use a walkman or simple solid state mp3 player for entertainment. But if you run on a road, better not to use this.



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