Learn to read food labels


Here are the important facts that a food label normally gives you…


Serving size— this number shows the typical amount of food a person consumes


List of nutrients— List of nutrients shows the name of the nutrients and how much of each nutrient will be present in one serving.


% daily values— this number shows what percentage of daily requirement of a certain nutrient one serving of the food will supply. This number is calculated assuming you are on 2000 kcal diet.


For example if one serving of a particular food provides 1.5 gm of saturated fat and the % daily value is printed as 8 % that means one serving of the food will supply 1.5 gm of saturated fat or 8% of total saturated fat need of  a 2000 kcal diet. So from this we can calculate that in 2000 kcal diet the saturated fat requirement is (1.5/8)*100= 18.75 gm


% of daily vitamin and mineral requirement— these numbers show what percentage of daily requirement of various micronutrients will be fulfilled by one serving of the food. Here also for the purpose of calculation a 2000 kcal diet is used.


Ingredients— the ingredients are listed here in descending order according to their abundance in the food.


As you can understand the serving size and % daily values are most important numbers here. You can utilise these numbers to select right food to keep your diet well balanced.



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