How much calorie do I need?


Calorie requirement varies from person to person. There are actually three components that contribute to overall energy or calorie expenditure.


These components are:


--The energy required to maintain basic functions of our body [represented by a number called BMR.


--The amount of calorie, which gets consumed to run the process of digestion.


--And the last component is the energy that is required for our physical activities.


The calorie requirement for digestion is usually small. And the calorie requirement for physical activity varies: the more physically active you are the more calories your diet should be able to supply.


The first component [that is the BMR] will depend on the lean muscle mass of your body. In straight terms if your body is muscular your BMR will be high and you will require more calories from your diet.


With age the percentage of lean muscle mass of our body reduces and as a consequence of this BMR or the calorie consumption when we are at rest also decrease.


So for a same level of physical activity young people will require more calories than senior people.


So to determine your calorie requirement your age, physical activity level, body composition and sex all factors are to be taken into account.



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