Is fat bad? Should I avoid fat totally?


Fat is essential for our body’s proper functioning. Fat protects internal organs, works as insulating layer to protect heat loss from body and it is also the prime store of energy for human body. So avoiding fat in totality is not possible or desirable.


But the problem with fat is 1 gm of fat provides 9kcal of energy, whereas carbohydrate and protein provide 4 kcal/gram. Apparently it may appear this should be counted as plus point of dietary fat. It is in fact a plus point but that turns negative when one consumes excess amount of dietary fat. The unused calorie builds up very fast and gets stored as fat in various parts of body where we do not require fat like inner wall of arteries.


So you should not avoid fat altogether but you need be careful enough to stay away from high fat diet.


As a rule of thumb it is suggested that not more than 30% of your calorie needs should be fulfilled by fat. At present an average American gets around 40% of his/her daily calorie needs from fat. Reducing this to 30% will not only make the problem of excess weight less severe in American society but the risk of ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure will also reduce considerably.



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