Eating Between Meals: Is It Healthy?


Brief answer to the question can be it all depends on what is being eaten between the meals and what is the volume of food consumed.


Foods that are loaded with high amount of calories is not good to have between meals but healthy snacking can obviously help to maintain perfect health.


One major benefit of eating between meals [when your food itself is healthy] the food keeps the metabolism going. Or the system that converts food to energy remains active. As a result you will feel energetic all through the day.



So if you feel low in energy and listless at certain times of the day. Eating between meals can bring the welcome change.


But you need to be careful what you pick up for snacking.


You must at all cost avoid foods rich in fat and oily fried food these will do more harm than good.


Various fruits [both dried and fresh], vegetables, pretzels, low fat yogurt are very good as food items that you can have between meals.




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