Beware of Dehydration Because It Can Be Fatal:


When you do not intake enough fluid to compensate for the water that you lose in course of your day [through urine, stool, sweat and breathing][ your body gets dehydrated. Little dehydration for small period of time is not very harmful but if you leave your body dehydrated for longer period of time there may be various problems.


Not drinking enough water, having coffee, alcoholic beverages etc can lead to dehydration of body. If are into heavy exercising you should be careful not to replenish water alone but the electrolyte part as well because when you lose body fluid you lose electrolyte also.


Symptoms of dehydration that you should be aware of:


When fluid loss is 1% of body weight it will make you feel thirsty.

At 2% the feeling of thirst will be more acute

At 3% blood volume will be down, urine volume will also reduce

On 4% fluid loss you will feel sick and highly uncomfortable


If percentage of fluid loss reach 20% one can even die.


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