Select Your Foods Correctly When You Are Eating Out


I love to eat out often. To be very frank eating out is so much fun because it relieves me from the monotony of having similar types of food daily that are prepared at home.


If you are like me you will need to take some precautions simply because restaurant food is tasty and can be addicting leaving you too full. And in the process you may consume many things that are not excellent for general health.


The following tips will help you to do justice to your health while eating out.


Have plenty of salad before main course, but be careful that salad oil or cream has not been used to dress the salad.


Avoid fried and creamy foods. Your body does not want all the extra oil.


Opt for foods that are baked, smoked, flame cooked


When having meat, remove the visible fatty parts.


Try to stay from alcoholic beverage


Order desert only if the main course was not enough to satisfy you.



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